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Oracle Card Reading

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Card Reading with Teresa

Gain insight and messages


90 minute Oracle Card Reading -£50

I am able to perform an oracle card reading remotely from my sanctuary room. I will then send you the description of the card meanings and relevance to the layout and order. I prefer to use oracle cards rather than Tarot as they resonate with my deep connection with the Divine Feminine principles, love and nature. I intuitively pick a card reading layout for the recipient, however I am happy to be guided if a preferred layout is requested. Again as with all my sessions remotely or in person I have the greatest respect for the recipient and my intentions are always for the greater good. I cleanse and set the space with honour and gratitude. Oracle cards are perfect for receiving messages from guides, they are a tool to help divine answers for you soul purpose. Along with a detailed description of the reading I send images of the sanctuary, the alter and cards.

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