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Colour Therapy &
Crystal Healing

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Healing with Suzanna

Nourish your mind, body and soul


Suzanna has led an interesting and varied life in the bio-sciences and teaching across the world. After suffering from postnatal depression Suzanna turned to healing to find help which fostered within her a deep spiritual understanding of the human condition. This opened up a whole new purpose in her life and the puzzle pieces all slotted together naturally.

From childhood Suzanna has been curious about scientific and esoteric matters and has subsequently completed training in biochemistry, teaching, crystal therapy, colour therapy, play therapy and counselling. She is also a full healer member of the NFSH, The Healing Trust. 

Suzanna leads workshops and meditation groups and offers one to one therapy sessions. Having received healing from Suzanna to help release my own childhood trauma I wanted her to be part of the project and be able to offer more people her beautiful healing power.

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Crystal Therapy
natural abundance

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From the Soul
discovering life purpose

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Colour Therapy
bathe your soul

Suzanna writes:

"In my current practise I call upon all my experiences and skills as a mother, teacher, healer, therapist and intuitive. My soul purpose is to foster an understanding of soul through the healing arts, and nurture individuals on their soul journey to fulfilment."

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