We are happy to welcome visitors for one to one sessions from May 2021. Book a Reiki session with Teresa by the end of April 2021 for half the price!*

* one half price session per visitor

Reiki with Teresa

Nourish your mind, body and soul


1 Hour 1-1 Reiki - £50

Available from from May 2021. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10am or Tuesday at 7pm.


Join Teresa, a Reiki Master for a cup of calming herbal tea before receiving a short guided meditation that will give you a wonderful sense of calm ready for a whole-body Reiki experience. Reiki is a gentle method of using the hands to provide healing energy. Teresa loves to make the sessions playful and light, intuitively using crystals, Tibetan chimes, aromatherapy and visualisations. To finish Teresa will perform a clearing and balancing ritual leaving you ready for the day ahead. Every session is slightly different because she works intuitively with each  individual to provide a personally tailored healing experience. 

If you prefer to relax in the comfort of your own home then contact Teresa to make a home visit. She is happy to travel 10 miles from her home in Lode. She is also able to bring the Reiki table and all her equipment, however she does require a space to set up. 

30 minute Distant Reiki - £20

I am honoured to be able to offer distant Reiki sessions. The beauty of Reiki is that it harnesses the Universal Energy which is all around us, I like to think of it simply as the highest form of love. Sending distant Reiki energy is similar to saying a prayer with the intentions of the practitioner fully focused on the highest good of the recipient. I would ask anyone that would like to receive healing to pick a time and place where they can completely surrender to their own well being without interruptions and with complete conviction of their own worth to receive healing. This is a huge step in itself. Once you have given yourself permission to begin to heal, light a candle, lie down in a comfortable place and take some deep breaths. We will work together at the same time sending and receiving love and light.

30 minute Oracle Card Reading -£20

As with the distant Reiki session I am able to perform an oracle card reading remotely from my sanctuary room. I will then send you the description of the card meanings and relevance to the layout and order. I prefer to use oracle cards rather than Tarot as they resonate with my deep connection with the Divine Feminine principles, love and nature. I intuitively pick a card reading layout for the recipient, however I am happy to be guided if a preferred layout is requested. Again as with all my sessions remotely or in person I have the greatest respect for the recipient and my intentions are always for the greater good. I cleanse and set the space with honour and gratitude. Oracle cards are perfect for receiving messages from guides, they are a tool t to help divine answers for you soul purpose.


find release

nurture your soul

deep chakra work

Jane and Jamie Goodland came for a couples Reiki session, sitting side by side. They did not know what to expect being new to energy work but were pleasantly surprised by the experience. 

"Jamie and I talked about the Reiki a lot after and we both really loved it and thought you were brilliant. It has made us feel closer to each other.​"

"We had a fantastic first experience of Reiki with Teresa. She really put us at ease and was very kind and gentle. Her studio is wonderful, peaceful and calming. Perfect if you're new to Reiki or an old hand."

Jane & Jamie, Swaffham Bulbeck

Everyone is welcome to experience the benefit of Reiki, I have even had the pleasure of holding couples sessions which have proved time and again to be a nurturing opportunity for reconnecting with your loved one. 

I started my Reiki training in 2015 and have completed levels one and two in Cambridge and my Master/teacher course in Glastonbury. I recently refreshed my knowledge of all three levels through a comprehensive online course.


I am happy to teach and attune students to all three levels. I worked in schools as a qualified teacher therefore I am a confident instructor. I look forward to welcoming you into the wonderful world of Reiki. 


Nourish your mind, body and soul

Colour and Crystal Therapy with Suzanna 

Suzanna has led an interesting and varied life in the bio-sciences and teaching across the world. After suffering from postnatal depression Suzanna turned to healing to find help which fostered within her a deep spiritual understanding of the human condition. This opened up a whole new purpose in her life and the puzzle pieces all slotted together naturally.

From childhood Suzanna has been curious about scientific and esotheric matters and has subsequently completed training in biochemistry, teaching, crystal therapy, colour therapy, play therapy and counselling. She is also a full healer member of the NFSH, The Healing Trust. 

Suzanna leads workshops and meditation groups and offers one to one therapy sessions. Having received healing from Suzanna to help release my own childhood trauma I wanted her to be part of the project and be able to offer more people her beautiful healing power.

Crystal Therapy
natural abundance

From the Soul

discovering life purpose

Colour Therapy
bathe your soul

Suzanna writes:

"In my current practise I call upon all my experiences and skills as a mother, teacher, healer, therapist and intuitive. My soul purpose is to foster an understanding of soul through the healing arts, and nurture individuals on their soul journey to fulfilment."



Join Suzanna online for a personal meditation and energy healing with crystals and colour.

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