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Space to Learn, Heal and Play

We offer creative metalsmithing workshops including our popular silver jewellery courses. Creative Therapy Space is a peaceful sanctuary of joy to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Latest collections from Dea + me include Vita, Vi and Viriditas.

Created by Teresa Crickmar - Reiki Master  I  Teacher  I  Jewellery Designer/Maker

What is Creative Therapy Space?

A peaceful sanctuary featuring a fully equipped creative workshop and studio with a dedicated healing space.

Situated in the picturesque village of Lode, just outside Cambridge. Founder Teresa Crickmar is a Creatrix who works with metals and stones to create handmade jewellery. Her work can be found online at Dea + me. Stockists include Primavera, Cambridge.

Teresa teaches Silver Jewellery classes from her workshop in Lode. 

Share yourself
book a personalised workshop for you + your loved ones.

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