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Our package is simply one of a kind.

A unique package allowing you to craft your own bespoke ceremony and your wedding rings. What could be more magical than working with a celebrant to create your perfect celebration ceremony and a highly acclaimed silversmith to create your wedding bands. A truly unique once-in-a-lifetime experience to give you lasting memories.

What We

Initial Consultations

Take time to discuss your dreams and wishes for your special day with Mel from Elemental Ceremonies and   Teresa in the workshop of Creative Therapy Space. Get in touch to arrange your visits.

The Rings​

Choosing your wedding rings can sometimes leave you feeling flat – there simply isn't a style or fit that is right for you. Teresa offers you the opportunity to create a truly unique memory with your partner, you design and make your wedding rings at her jewellery design studio, nestled in the village of Lode.
You don't need any experience to mak
e your own wedding rings, as Teresa will guide you through the whole process step-by-step.

She will advise and guide you in the comfort of the new studio, during your 3-hour workshop.

You can make each other’s wedding rings or create your own. It's entirely up to you. Teresa will do her best to incorporate any personal design requests you might have, like making the wedding band fit your engagement ring (if this is possible).

Once you have created your rings, they will be sent off securely to be officially hallmarked. Depending on the design, they will be ready within two to three weeks.

The wedding bands will be presented in formal ring boxes - just as they would if you had ordered them - to keep them safe and secure until the day of the wedding.

The Celebrant Led Ceremony

Your celebration ceremony can be made to be exactly what YOU want it to be.  If you want to opt for something traditional or something more off-the-wall and quirky, let Mel bring the magic to your day.  You may wish to have a cultural “fusion” ceremony, blending mixed faiths with spiritual elements, all of this is possible with a celebrant led celebration.  

Unlike marrying in a register office or a place of worship - you are free to choose what you do and what you say, with no rules or restrictions. You can include children, friends, family and pets to be part of your ceremony.  As well as a symbolic action like a hand fasting or sand blending.

** Under the current marriage laws in the UK, you will need to be legally wed before you embark on having a celebrant led wedding ceremony.  You will be required to undertake this at a local register office (a simple 2 + 2 is the cheapest option).

Forged in Love package price: £1450


This will include your initial consultations with Mel and Teresa


The rings – 3 hour workshop *

Smudging ritual/energy cleanse prior to starting your session

An oracle card reading during your session

Guidance on intention setting whilst making your rings


* cost of bullion (metal) is in addition and

based on the current market prices at time of workshop


The Celebrant led Ceremony -

Draft script

Ceremony dress rehearsal (if required)

Pre-ceremony smudging ritual

Crystal selection

Celebrant led Ceremony

Symbolic action

Souvenir Script

We LOVE our rings. So special to wear something that we've made for one another too. Thanks so much for your time and patience. You made the afternoon feel super relaxed and we both came away feeling very happy.

Nicole & Kayleigh

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