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Jewellery &
Silversmithing Courses

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term time courses

be part of our vibrant creative community


  • experienced, dedicated tutor

  • small-class sizes of five

  • well-equipped workshop 

  • suggested & personal projects

  • research, design & making

  • jewellery business guidance

  • project handouts & demonstrations


  • dedicated time and space for you

  • increase confidence, skills & knowledge

  • build relationships with loved ones

  • share your story and be heard

  • make something you're proud of

  • contribute to a community of creatives


  • experiment with materials, tools & techniques

  • gain the confidence to fail and succeed

  • make friends and socialise outside of class

  • exhibit your work with us

  • there's always something new to try

  • learn in a safe, nurturing environment

  • 50% discount for bespoke workshops


  • Wednesday 10am-1pm

  • Wednesday 7pm - 9pm

  • Thursday 10am-1pm

  • Thursday 6.30pm-9.30pm

  • Friday 9.30am-12.30pm

  • Friday 1.30pm-4pm

We are now full for the Autumn 2023 Term

Join Teresa Crickmar for a creative metalwork course that offers everything for a beginner to learn how to make a stone set ring, hammered chain necklace and a beautiful fold-formed pendant. There are suggestion projects but prefer to work with each student individually to make what they want to wear or gift. The first week is used for a complete beginners session or as a catch up to remember past skills. You will learn about the basic jewellers tools, how to use them to mark, measure, cut, file, texture, form and solder work. These skills will then help you to know what is possible and you can order silver for the following weeks. You will be guided with what and where to order materials.

Teresa is a sought-after tutor. She creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere to learn in and oozes positivity. Learners join her classes a little unsure and not always confident but quickly catch the bug with her ample-enthusiasm for jewellery making. You will gain the skills to make beautiful, professional-looking work that will receive lots of compliments.


Teresa believes the design element of making should be as important as the piece itself and so if you have ideas, or are inspired by others work please share this before you start so that she can adjust the course content. Small tailored courses give you just what you want. Teresa will give you an idea of the materials and processes needed right from the outset, before you even start making! 

Creative Jewellery Courses cover pretty much anything you'd like to learn. Teresa offers one group project per half term to gain essential skills for example:

  • mold making & sand casting

  • enamelling

  • forging

  • fine brooch pin

  • precious metal clay

  • 'gypsy' flush stone setting

The Friday morning course is dedicated to Small-Scale Silversmithing. The first half of the course will concentrate on acquiring basic skills which will then lead on to a more creative six weeks where you will be encouraged to find your own designs and projects.

If you would like to learn how to cut, form and texture metal to make stunning objects, other than jewellery (but not always), then this is the course for you. We will explore forging, doming, hammering, soldering and mark making. The items you might like to make could include candlesticks, spoons, dishes, cups and boxes. There are a limited number of spaces so please do get in touch to reserve your bench. 

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