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Creative Workshops

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Teresa Crickmar works out of a beautifully kitted-out workshop & studio in Lode, Cambridgeshire where she has a spiritual take on a trio of things. Teresa teaches women making-skills, she designs and creates intricate and meaningful jewellery for her brand Dea + Me and channels the goddess for Reiki in the garden room. Healing, making, and teaching are fused together in harmony each informing and inspiring the other. Teresa believes that there is more to the world than what you can see and feel around you -indeed Reiki Earth energy found Teresa when she was at her most sceptical. Now, everything she works on tries to reflect the idea that humans and nature are connected in one big, beautiful web of life.


Teresa trusts the importance of community and of sharing her knowledge, passing on skills needed to appreciate and create artful and beautiful pieces. As a teacher, Teresa likes to make people feel better: not everyone finds healing through conventional means and a sense of sisterhood, like-mindedness and creativity is a perfect combination. And the bright and airy studio is the perfect space for both play and discovery.

jewellery & silversmithing courses

Autumn, Spring & Summer term courses from 12 weeks


Tuesdays 10:00-13:00

Wednesdays  10:00 13:00 & 19.00-21:00

Thursdays 10:00-13:00 & 18:30-21.30

Fridays 9:00-12.00 & 13:00-16:00

daytime courses

Weekends throughout the year, from 1 person up to a group of 5

Wedding band workshops, hen & bridal jewellery parties, family & friends events, mother & daughter specials, staff training & socials, love-me time,

specialist technique workshops.

July 2024 - Cambridge Open Studios 3 hour Workshops.


Really made welcome. Teresa is calm and her steadiness made it easier to start work as a beginner. I felt inspired and came away from the first class bursting with ideas. She respects and nurtures creativity in her students. A really joyful occasion.

Christine, Burwell

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