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Reiki Training

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I have been training people for a few years now, they have found me either as previous clients, from a paragraph on the therapy directory website or by word of mouth. This is the first time I have actively written something for how I deliver Reiki training. I hope it helps you to find me too.

A Reiki training day with me looks like:

  • a friendly, warm welcome followed by my simple intention ritual for you to gain exactly what you need from the day

  • endless fancy Pukka tea in most of the flavours, or fresh decaf coffee and little sweet treats throughout the day

  • 6 hours of fun and learning

  • most of theory elements (more information below) taught through practical creative play including calligraphy, scrapbook skills, making feather smudge fans and/or jewellery making

  • a delicious vegetarian lunch with your dietary requirements taken into consideration

  • understanding how to clear and set a sacred space

  • an oracle card reading

  • a guided meditation to meet your guide followed by your attunement

  • practical guidance on how to give a self-treatment and treatments to family and friends

  • gifts at the end of the day including a crystal and a Reiki book

  • receiving your Certificate on completion of Shoden Reiki Level 1 and Lineage Certificate along with lots of resources via email when you get home

"Thank you so, so much for yesterday. It was the nicest day I’ve had in a very long time, after many months of stress and sadness. You took such care to make everything so special for me; I will truly remember yesterday with love and fondness, and I’m sure it has acted as a positive turning point in my life. 


I’m so happy to see my certificate and lineage!  Thank you! I’ve hung my paper cranes up in my studio and this morning when I opened the door, the room was filled with perfume. It really was a great way to remember the 5 reiki principles and I’m still in awe at the special significance each one took with the colours and decorations all being so symbolic. And I’m in double awe at those oracle cards that I picked! They couldn’t have been more perfect - I was thinking last night about the “jewel within a teardrop” card, and how even that correlated to the Apache tears crystal - literally a jewel we set in a silver teardrop shape! "

Louise, Cambridgeshire

Reiki is a liberating spiritual practice that can reconnect you to your true self and enable you to become aware of your soul purpose. It is a gentle loving 'hands-off' practise that can help us to connect deeply to ourselves and others. 

Most people trained to Level 1 use Reiki to benefit oneself, family, friends and their own animals. It is considered correct to attain at least Level 2 before practising and charging for treatments. 

During the course you will learn:

  • the history and theory behind Reiki

  • through creative projects how to practise the Five Reiki Principles (“Gokai” in Japanese) and symbols

  • about the energy systems of the body: chakras, auras and meridians and how to work with them

  • how to clear, cleanse and prepare a sacred space, yourself (“Hatsurei Ho” in Japanese) and the receiver

  • techniques for aura cleansing (“Kenyoku Ho” in Japanese), grounding and connecting

  • protocols of using Reiki with people and guidelines for energy healing

  • how to feel energy and develop your intuition

  • about Reiki breathing and visualisation

  • about “Byosen” and “Byosen Reikan Ho” (energy scanning technique)

  • Reiki breathing and visualisation, feeling the Reiki energy

  • how to practice the hand positions for giving others a Reiki treatment and for self-healing

  • various ways to use crystals and other tools in your practise

  • how to develop your ability to listen to energy and communicate using Reiki

  • how to use the Reiki Chakra Balancing Technique

  • to practice the techniques on each other and give feedback

  • what a Reiki attunement (“Reiju” in Japanese) is and what it does.

  • the benefits of Reiki and how it complements other therapies.

During the course you will receive:

  • refreshments and lunch

  • access to the workshop, studio, Reiki Sanctuary and bathroom facilities

  • your attunement to 1st Degree Reiki

  • Invitation to regular Reiki Share meetings

  • a reiki book 

  • an intuitively picked crystal 

  • your Certificate on completion of Shoden Reiki Level 1

  • your personal Lineage Certificate

Course Fee £150

Due to the intense nature of these courses I reserve only one course per month. Please get in touch for a chat about course structure, content and dates to play.

Reiki Level I

Reiki Level II & Master Teacher Level III

Information coming soon, do get in touch if you are interested in learning with me.

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