Unfortunately due to uncertain times ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak we have taken the tough decision to cancel most of our 2020 workshops. Ticket refunds have already been issued and are no longer on sale. As soon as brighter days emerge we can all come out and play again and I will be publishing new workshop dates. Following government guidance on how to keep safe we are able to offer small exclusive silver jewellery classes, please follow the link to find out more and sign up.

Silver Jewellery 5 Week Evening Course - Postponed for November 2020

Learn silversmithing techniques such as cutting, filing, texturing and shaping metal to make a ring, pendant and bangle. You are encouraged to develop your own design style and after the basics have been mastered you will have the opportunity to explore your own jewellery projects.


10 hour course fee: £80 per person

Three students per course to create covid-secure space. Get in touch to go on the waiting list.

 Beautifully Combined

We have several exciting new experiences planned including jewellery making, crystal therapy and women's circles. Explore themes such as clearing and balancing your chakras alongside making beautiful treasures for you to adore. 

Many of the workshops are hosted as a collaboration between healer and artist. Learn how to care for your soul and make time for creative play. Resources, materials and refreshments are provided for you. 

We have a delightful design studio, tranquil healing hut and a well-equipped workshop for you to fully make the most of your time here. With expert advice from qualified healers, counsellors, teachers, artists and craftspeople you have everything you need to immerse yourself in quality 'me-time'.


Monthly Soul Jewellery Workshops for 2021


Learn how to ground and protect yourself and make a tree of life pendant.


Find ways to release that which no longer serves you and make a pair of beautiful hammered silver earrings.


Ignite your creativity, passion and joy and make a textured triple roll ring.


Working with the third chakra located in the solar plexus we will learn to radiate our power in the world and make a citrine cabochon ring.


Clear and expand your heart centre to fill yourself with self love and compassion and by doing so your capacity to love and be loved. Follow this by making a textured bangle with two intertwined circles.



Learn way to unblock and clear your fifth chakra located in the throat Using crystals and sound therapy. Then make a delicate crystal necklace using blue crystals such as Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli or Turquoise


Embrace your shadow self, learn new ways to work with and use your gifts, those which you may hide from public view. Make a silver spinner ring with one ring using patina and the top polished.


Its time to work with your sixth chakra, the third eye. Learn ways to find clarity and use your intuition to help you navigate life. We will explore the Japanese technique of Kintsugi to make a stunning pendant with gold threads running through it.



For our final workshop we will be developing an awareness of our high self exploring our crown chakra. We will be making a shining tiara or headpiece to sit in our true power

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