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An uplifting snuggle of Love

I attended Suzanna's workshop at Abington Barn recently and I wanted to share the experience. I arrived slightly heightened as the journey was dark and tricky. Having parked and rushed into the reception area I was immediately put at peace. Celia who co-created the Barn was present and welcoming guests into the light airy space. Chairs were placed in a circle and Suzanna, in her gentle calm grace motioned for me to sit next to her much to my gratitude. More and more people quietly found seats and tucked away their belongings until it was time to switch the lights low and start our meditation. 

Suzanna Trowsdale

Suzanna gently and simply explained what was going to happen and almost immediately we were guided into a deep meditation. Suzanna has a wonderful gift of making everything soft and gentle but with reverence and respect. This creates a space to feel safe and trust enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable and be able to be open to release (that which no longer serves) and receive (loving energy) during the workshop.

We work through a series of crystals that have been prepared by Suzanna beforehand. Each crystal has a specific purpose in mind and is used in various ways on different chakra points. In some positions we were guided to speak out and share our thoughts, although this is never a compulsory request, we were encouraged to use the opportunity as a cleansing or affirmative act. 

Through shared experience and gentle instruction to connect with our bodies, mind and spirit Suzanna is able to help each individual recognise and express their self-limiting beliefs and let go. She is also able to guide every single person to express how they will move forward and strengths they gained from their journey. 

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

I believe the crystals are Suzanna's invaluable tool to connect to the earth energy and invite the Divine Feminine into a space. The moon and her many Goddesses fascinate Suzanna and I believe now, more than ever, that we need balance on the planet and Suzanna's work is an advocate for creating that balance.

We finish the workshop by surrounding ourselves in luxurious colourful silks and sitting in our own reverence. Suzanna works on many levels including the spiritual however when put in human terms Suzanna works with self-esteem, self-realisation, self-worth, connection with nature, compassion and freely giving love to ourselves and others. 

When we are capable of letting go of our own self-limiting beliefs and being able to feel true love for ourselves we are then open and free to express and feel love for others. As Suzanna explains it; children are free to truly be themselves, as we grow older we take on experiences that shape and manipulate our true self sometimes in a damaging way. Her work guides us to release, forgive and come back to our true purpose with love. I went home that night feeling like I'd had a hug from Gaia herself.

Suzanna is returning to Abington Barn on the 30th November to deliver her 'Food for the Soul' workshop, click here for more information.

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