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Cambridge Open Studios 2024

Updated: Jun 25

I am happy to announce that I am once again opening my workshop and studio to welcome visitors.

I will be open to the public on:

Week 1 - July 6th & 7th

Week 3 - July 20th & 21st

This year I am going to organise it a little differently. I will be opening on the first and third weekends in July but alongside this I will be offering a set of unique three-hour workshops to learn jewellery making especially for Cambridge Open Studios 50th Anniversary.

I will be showing three collections Vita, Vi and Viriditas alongside launching a brand new collection based around celebrating recovery. My jewellery brand speaks to the surrender of ownership and control with the name Dea + me. Dea means Goddess. My work aims to invite the wearer to know that they are a unique, worthy, divine being. The methods I use play with the properties of metal, from fold-forming (hammering to the edge of stability) to fusing (tinkering on the edge of destruction) to describe how one can endure trauma and still something wonderful and precious can be achieved. 

Meaning: Goddess; good fortune. Dea is a feminine name of primarily Latin origin that celebrates the beauty of change. Forged from the Latin dea—the inspiration for the word "deity"— Dea means "goddess" and is most synonymous with Dea

My work is an exploration of taking materials to the very edge and back again, to form unique one-off precious items that are even more beautiful because of their journey. The Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi fascinates me. explains:

Not only has kintsugi been adopted and adapted by leading contemporary artists, these days, one can take kintsugi lessons and find self-help and wellness books that use it as a metaphor for embracing flaws and imperfections. In the beginning, however, kintsugi was just a practical—albeit beautiful—means of repair.


Jewellery Making Workshops

Workshops will be running on certain weekends in July, from 1pm-4pm. Book your tickets here. All materials, equipment and refreshments will be supplied for you. Project suggestions :

  • Triple stacker rings with stone setting

  • Spinner Ring

  • Textured Necklace exploring fusing and reticulation

  • Chunky chain bracelet

  • Fold-formed pendant with Keum Boo

  • Hammered and stamped Posy Ring

  • Friends, family, lovers - sets of meaningful jewellery

  • Hammered anticlastic cuff


Special sale items will also be available to purchase

I have several one-of-a-kind samples that would love to find a new home. They will be on sale with up to 50% off including this forged pendant.

I look forward to welcoming you in the summer, until then follow me on @creativeteresa for updates and events!

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