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So how do you maintain a connection with your true purpose when there are so many distractions? Even writing this post is taking me away from sitting outside in nature or focusing on being the best version of myself. I try to repeat the five Reiki principles every morning and have every intention to live by them but sometimes life really does creep in and test us.

I believe, as with all matters intention is key. If I continue to strive to be loving, caring and compassionate to myself and all living things I'm on the right track. Time and motivation for daily mindfulness and mediation will come but as one of the principles states 'be compassionate' so with this in mind I won't be too hard on myself. Living in a goal-orientated world we are continuously measuring ourselves, marking how well (or not) we are doing, setting barely attainable goals and then feeling awful when we don't match up. Here's the thing, the principles are not a measuring tool, mindfulness and meditation are not there to be another thing on your to do list. Taking time to look up at the leaves and notice the sun shining through is enough sometimes. Just breathe, be in the moment and return. These moments get more frequent, simple joy becomes more frequent and it's no longer something to strive for, it just is.

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