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My Journey with The Divine Feminine

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

It's time to start something new and take the leap to share my fundamental beliefs even if it leaves me wide open for some criticism or ridicule.

In my previous series about lockdown fatigue I shared my journey of re-emerging from the darkness. I hope it helped. I think we're all, as a collective consciousness, feeling this helplessness every now and then. In my final post in the series I started to talk about the divine feminine and the principles that I believe we should all be living by if we want to rebalance our world and make it a place of joy and love.

I have always been labelled as a hippy, an idealist, away with the fairies...

I have always been labelled as a hippy, an idealist, and 'she's away with the fairies' is a classic I've often heard but what's the alternative? I have always been a little bit on the edge too, never really fitting it, from the way I dress, my left-leaning politics to an awareness from a young age of the imbalance between male and female power in society. My feminism got me by for many years and I still have the occasional rant at news items (#MaryWollstonecraftsculpture ) and blatant objectification in the media but for most part I'm a little calmer than in years gone by.

I wasn't ever religious, I mean I was very much anti-religion, mostly because the ones I have grown up with (mainly of Christian origin) have been written by men and are soaked in blame and shame to keep women subordinate, tame, passive, quiet.

My spiritual awakening started with Reiki. It literally opened my chakras, my body and senses were ignited, I'd never experienced the beautiful buzzing at my crown, colours so bright and an awareness of every leaf and bird call. My connection to nature was forged but the next step came in a way that took years and still amazes me now.

So, through research I slowly became aware of something alternative to the Christian ideals that never really sat right. I started to find links with spirituality and the planet, with life and with our innate purpose on the earth as women. I learned that cycles, the moon, the rivers and trees, the worlds below and above all have ancient Goddesses and are intrinsically linked to the feminine and that they are emerging again stronger than ever. I visited Glastonbury and immersed myself in The Goddess Temple, the Chalice Well Gardens, and the Tor. It made so much sense, it was obvious.

To be continued…


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