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Okay Universe, I'm listening

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Dear Universe,

Thank you. My business is flourishing. My jewellery classes are full, my jewellery collections created and, since starting in 2020, I've given over 200 Reiki treatments alongside teaching Reiki I, II & master levels. I'm blessed and joyful.

2023 has been bright for me but also incredibly frustrating. I want to apologise once more to the patient people trying to receive Reiki from me this year. I couldn't make this stuff up. I've had minor illness after illness. Not enough to stop me teaching or making but enough so that I couldn't practise Reiki. Urgh, can you imagine anything worse than a therapist coughing over you? Postponing, rearranging and sometimes cancelling appointments altogether has become a pattern this year and something has to change. My reputation is being harmed, and I'm becoming unreliable, flaky even. My stubbornness to admit defeat had me rearranging appointments up to three times.

So it is with an incredibly heavy but grateful heart that I have decided to listen and take time away from giving Reiki treatments until September 2023. I have finally listened.

With love,


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